City of Koper

Global Logistic is located in City of Koper, city in southwestern Slovenia. City is situated along the country’s 47-kilometre (29-mile) coastline, in the Istrian Region, approximately five kilometres (3.1 miles) from its border with Italy.   


Port of Koper – largest container port in region

ybl-portPort of Koper provides port and logistics services in the only Slovenian port. It is situated in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, connecting mainly markets of Central and Southeast Europe with the Mediterranean Sea. Differently from other European ports, which are managed by port authorities, the activities of Port of Koper comprise the management of the free zone area, the management of the port area and the role of terminal operator. 

The core business covers freight forwarding services as cargo handling and warehousing services for all types of goods, complemented by a range of additional services for cargo with the aim of providing a comprehensive logistics support for customers.


Port of Koper provides 12 specialized terminals:

  • Container and Ro-Ro Terminal – 170.000 m2
  • Car Terminal – 750.000 m2 of open and 125.000 m2 of closed storage areas
  • General cargo Terminal – 134.000 m2of multipurpose closed warehouses, 3.600 mof roofed and 40.000 m2 of open areas
  • Fruit Terminal– 18.600 m2 of warehouses with moisture regulating devices and temperature 
  • Wood Terminal – 60.500 m2of closed and 58.500 m2 of open storage areas
  • Terminal for mineral – 80.000 t of closed and roofed warehouses , 40.000 t of open storage areas
  • Terminal for cereals and fodder – 60.000 m2 of silo storages and  55.000 m2 of flat stores
  • Alumina Terminal –  20.000 t of warehouses
  • European Energy Terminal – 500.000 t of coal, 300.000 t of iron ore
  • Liquid Cargoes Terminal – 43 cisterns with total volume of 110.000 m3
  • Livestock Terminal
  • Passenger Terminal

In addition to handling and warehousing, Port of Koper also perform various additional services at the terminal, such as:

  • stripping and stuffing of containers (CFS),
  • disinfection,
  • chemical cleaning and steam cleaning of containers,
  • PTI or pre-trip inspection of containers,
  • Container repairs and other maintenance service for containers.

The terminal has regular weekly lines to the Far East and is connected via feeder services with  important HUB ports in the Mediterranean (Gioia Tauro, Malta, Piraeus, Haifa, Taranto), which have regular connections with all continents in the world.

Regular railway connections are established with the most important trade centres in Central and Eastern Europe.